Slick-X Rinseless Wash

Slick-X Rinseless Wash

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Slick-X is a super versatile, hyper-concentrated, slick, refreshing coconut-lime scented, powerful, and simple-to-use no-water-hose needed rinseless wash that can also be used as a waterless wash, quick detailer, glass cleaner, engine cleaner, interior and exterior cleaner that vibrantly shines and protects your vehicle inside and out.

Slick-X contains our specially formulated SiO2 infused Ceramic Particles & Polymers that clean, shine, and protect. Our advanced lubricated polymers and SiO2 technology wax-free formula are designed to encapsulate and emulsify dirt particles, allowing you to safely clean without scratching or damaging your paint's finish when used properly.

Slick-X makes car washing quick and easy! Slick-X is eco-friendly and safe, 100% Biodegradable, and contains no harmful surfactants, cleaning agents, or VOCs. Safe for wax, sealant, coated surfaces, wraps, PPF, plastic, trim, vinyl, and leather. Suitable for in-garage or outdoor use. A few ounces of SlickX and a few gallons of water are all you need! No hose rinsing is required!

Slick-X was designed as the perfect clean anywhere rinseless wash that saves time and water consumption. Quickly wash in your garage, at your apartment, condominium, or townhome parking stall with minimal equipment. Forget the garden hoses, foam cannon, and pressure washers! With Slick-X, as long as you can park there you can wash there!


  • PROTECTION- SiO2 infused Ceramic Particles & Polymers 
  • NO SCRATCH- Advanced lubrication for a slick emulsifying & encapsulating wipe
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- 100% biodegradable & water conservation conscious
  • HYPER CONCENTRATED- Cost Efficient, one bottle makes over 60+ Gallons
  • HYDROPHOBIC- Repels water
  • MULTI-PURPOSE FORMULA- Dozens of cleaning applications!
  • SURFACE COMPATIBLE- Safe on All Surfaces

It spectacularly, cleans and shines, leaving behind a brilliant wax-free, non-streaking, anti-static, hydrophobic finish on all surfaces including paint, polished aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, and glass

You can even add an ounce to your regular car washing liquid in the bucket to help soften your water and deliver superior cleaning results and SiO2 Ceramic protection!


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Mike G
Surprisingly Good

I purchased this to try out and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed and how well it cleaned. It does leave the surface with a nice gloss, slickness and hyrdophobic's. My review can be seen on YouTube as well. YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder