What comes with Betterextractor Kit?

No, the Better Extractor is a hose conversion kit that converts your wet/dry shop vacuum into a pro-grade extractor. 

The package includes: 

(1) 25 or 50 ft. Reinforced PVC blue Water Supply line with high-quality brass fittings on each side, 

(1) 10 Foot Contractor-Grade Flexible Vacuum Hose (4X more durable than standard hoses) Crush resistant 2-layer polyethylene 1 ⅞ Diameter hose

(1) Clear Commercial Grade Stainless Steel/Brass Extractor Handle with a 1-⅞” screw-on cuff

(1) Set of Velcro Restraining Straps

Will this Work on my Vacuum?

The Better Extractor hose kit is a 1 ⅞” diameter hose with a 2 ¼” OD (Outer Diameter) Black Locking Tab adapter allowing it to fit into any standard 2 ⅜” ID (Inner Diameter) shop vacuum inlet port +/- 2mm variance. (ex. Ridgid, DeWalt, ShopVac, Vacmaster, Hart, Workshop, Craftsman). This is a non-extensive list, if you are uncertain please measure your vacuums inlet diameter with a tape measure or digital caliper. Make sure to measure the INNER Diameter of your inlet port, this is the inner edges of the inlet not the outside edges. Please contact us if you have any questions.


*Commercial-grade shop vac inlets may require an additional adapter to work with this hose, check with your manufacturer.

It can work on any size shop vac. Please refer to the question “Will this fit my shop Vacuum”

Modifications are not necessary. However, please be sure to remove your shop vacuum dry air filter before using your vacuum as an extractor. It is your choice if you would like to operate your vacuum with a wet vac filter or not. Our suggestion is always to use a wet filter in your vacuum to minimize dust particles in the air. 

How does the Betterextractor Hose kit work?

No, the hose/extractor head does not contain any heating elements. In our experience as upholstery cleaning experts, heat is rarely needed for extracting. Most modern cleaning chemical technology today does not require heat to lift dirt/stains from upholstery. Most cleaners just need agitation. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions regarding your cleaning solution. 

The 25ft waterline has a swivel brass barb adapter that connects to a standard ¾” home spigot (hose bib, faucet) or ¾” garden hose fitting. All you need to do is spin your waterline onto your home spigot or reservoir tank with a standard ¾” spigot and you are good to go!


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Where is the Better Extractor Assembled?

Each and every unit is hand-assembled in the USA. Thank you for supporting small businesses!