BetterExtractor Hose Kit
BetterExtractor Hose Kit
BetterExtractor Hose Kit Works with any shop VAC
BetterExtractor Hose Kit
BetterExtractor Hose Kit
BetterExtractor Hose Kit
BetterExtractor Hose Kit

BetterExtractor Hose Kit

Sale price$225.00 USD
Water Line Size:25FT Water Line

The Better Extractor Hose Kit allows you to have a Professional Grade Extractor at a Fraction of the cost. Hook our extractor hose up to any standard* shop vacuum and water supply line to get instant prograde level extraction. Use the tools you already have and don't waste money on another piece of equipment you'd need to lug around. This hose also doubles as a normal vacuum hose, simply pop off the extractor head and snap on your regular attachments. Happy Cleaning!  ***DOES NOT COME WITH VACUUM, comes with a vacuum hose, water line & extractor head***

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 *Inlet port on the vacuum must be 2.5"  to be compatible with the Better Extractor. Please measure beforehand (See FAQ section). 

Customer Reviews

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Roger Ramirez
Better hose interior cleaning kit

The setup looks nice I like the way it's built I had our detailer use it he liked it had no issues only thing I noticed with the 50-ft hose is that the downstream from the water tank does not give it enough pressure for an even spray spread that is more like a stream so we've decided to use a garden hose pressure when applicable that nice even spray looks good and it applies evenly I don't know maybe you guys can design a little CO2 cartridge or something that gives a little bit of pressure hooked up right up to the gun at the handle.... 😂

Other than that we like to set up you guys are going to do great keep it up 👍

Drew Herrmann
Really High Quality

This is an amazing product. This might be a bit more than just buying a typical shampooer, but let me tell you. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, the amount of hair that my vacuum doesn't get is ridiculous. Those standard shampoo machines trap all that hair in the head where you can't reach it easily to clean it. This has no problem with hair because of the design. The product is incredibly great quality. Metal construction with solid hoses and incredibly easy to use. I'm upset I didn't get this sooner. It left the carpets so much cleaner than the shampooer did and it was easier to use and I felt confident that it was getting everything out of the carpet. I do wish I could have gotten the standing attachment along with the hand attachment but I'm just waiting for that to be in stock again and I'll be buying that too.

Vance Johnson
I recommend

Works very well for what it is.

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