In 2021, Better Extractor was founded with the simple mission: build an affordable pro-quality extractor kit that allows anyone the ability to harness the power of their shop vac. We’re here to disrupt the overpriced extractor industry!


Our story is simple. We had a problem and needed a solution! After using Bissells to professionally clean car interiors and upholstery for years we were always disappointed in the results. They did an alright job, but we got tired of settling for mediocre performances that resulted in multiple passes, damp upholstery, and long dry times.

Knowing we couldn’t scale our business model with Bissells we spent a good chunk of money on a name brand extractor many auto detailers used that was over $1,000. Being 5X the cost of a Bissell we expected it to deliver 5X the results, that was not the case. It was better than a Bissell but not worth the $1,000+ price tag, and how were budget consciousness people supposed to afford those “pro” prices.

We scanned the market for an affordable extractor solution and found nothing! So we began experimenting and building our own solution.

We realized like us, every auto-detailer/home-owner already had a powerful 5.0 Horse-Power or higher vacuum in their possession. So, why were we all spending so much money on “Pro” extractors or Bissells when we already had powerful vacuums in our garages? Plus, it seemed ridiculous to lug around our 10-gallon shop vacuum and on top of that an additional extractor machine. We wanted ONE compact machine that could do it all.

It’s then that we decided our solution would be HARNESSING THE POWER of shop vacs all over the world to deliver a powerful all-in-one extractor solution at a fraction of the cost of a “Pro” Extractor.

From that simple idea was born the Better Extractor Hose Conversion Kit. The simple kit converts standard shop vacs into pro-level extractors without the big price tag. Necessity truly is the fuel for innovation!

As we expanded we needed more, so we built more and each iteration of our design and quality build got better, while simultaneously driving down the cost to make it affordable for others.

As we introduced it to more people, more people wanted it, so we made more. As a result, today, the BetterExtractor is on par with the cost of a Bissell but delivers 5X the extractor power without incurring the 5X price tag of a “Pro” extractor.

Our mission is to give every auto-detailer, upholstery cleaning experts, and standard homeowners the ability to HARNESS THE POWER of their shop vacs!


Happy Extracting!