How to Care for Your Hercules Towel

  1. Always wash new towels to remove any loose factory production fibers
  2. Always wash after a day's use to reduce the chemical build-up on your towel which can potentially reduce its rate of water absorbency, and potentially stiffen the microfibers, which results in an increased chance of streaking and shorter towel lifespan.
  3. Wash separately from car washing towels to prevent oil transfer and contamination to Hercules drying towel which can cause streaking
  4. ONLY wash with mild liquid detergents that DON’T contain bleach, fabric softener, dyes, or perfumes.
  5. ONLY wash and rinse in cold water to preserve the double-looped microfiber tips
  6. Dry on LOW Tumble dry heat or Hang to Dry
  7. Do NOT Iron
  8. Do NOT use fabric softeners 
  9. Do NOT use bleach
  10. Do NOT wash with Cotton materials this will create lint that will stick to the towel


How to Optimize the Hercules Drying Experience

Most scratching actually occurs during the drying process if you’re not careful. Helpful Tips:

  • Always dampen your dry towel before drying your car. On a sedan, no need to wet by spraying or dunking to rinse the towel with water first. Instead, use the water on the roof of the car to dampen the towel. Start at the top of the car where most of the water pools. Allow the 1400 GSM weight of the towel to do its work. Then windows then hood, then side panels, and bumpers. Use a separate towel for door jams to eliminate larger particle pick-up and cross contamination to the Hercules.


  • For optimal performance, the use of a drying agent is recommended. It improves towel glide and adds gloss and hydrophobic protection qualities between washes.